Breast Augmentation: The Journey of My Self Image

For most women, our self-image is based on how we look on the outside before the inside. Breasts are a huge part of our identity so choosing to remove them is not an easy decision for many women. Media also plays a huge part of our self-image, using young models, photo shopping women to be perfect […]

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By | Apr 20, 2015 | BRCA2, Health | 0 Comments

My BRCA2 story and how Facebook saved my life

I’m not a big social media person, consider me old school. I decided to look for my siblings that had been separated at a very young age and found my sister on there. I reached out and although she refers to us as “blood only” sisters, she was kind enough to let me know she […]

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By | Apr 08, 2015 | BRCA2 | 0 Comments