Breast Augmentation: The Journey of My Self Image

For most women, our self-image is based on how we look on the outside before the inside. Breasts are a huge part of our identity so choosing to remove them is not an easy decision for many women. Media also plays a huge part of our self-image, using young models, photo shopping women to be perfect and then there is the epidemic of plastic surgery to make women look like their favorite star, plumping the lips, getting breast augmentation, nose jobs, etc. It is a multibillion dollar business. I am not judging anyone who decides to change their looks, I only wish for me, I could have been content with what God gave me.

When I was first developing as a teenager, my dad used to make fun of me and say I would never get out of an AA bra. Being self-conscious, I started to slouch my shoulders forward as if that was going to hide what I already didn’t have. Needless to say, I never felt as good as the other girls that had boobs.


In my 30’s, I was dating a man that was older than I, who taught me how to be more sophisticated (I was a desert bunny, bohemian in our current times). I started changing my whole image. Then the ball dropped. Now he wanted me to consider not only dying my auburn hair blonde, but to get a boob job as well. My heart sank, I still wasn’t “good enough.” I had seen the horrible pictures of what could go wrong, I knew there was another risk of losing sensitivity among other risks.  I had once been a crusader trying to talk women out of getting them and accept themselves as they are. He offered to pay for the procedure and in my desire to keep him (I was convinced we were “in love”) , I agreed to have it done.

What happened next will be in the next blog. Thank you for reading my story!


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