Meet Debi

Hello, I am Debi Gaul, your massage therapist with healing hands.

I received my first massage in 1988. I thought I was in Heaven! To be touched in a way that was healing, powerful and focused on my well-being was amazing to me. I felt like I was allowing my worn-out body to recover. At the time I was a single mother, and had the misconception as many do today, massage was a luxury for the “well to do.” Boy was I wrong!

Several years later, I relocated to Sacramento, changed careers and ended up with 3 work related back injuries. Chiropractic, Acupuncture and Massage were part of my rehabilitation. I was astonished at the impact massage therapy had on my injuries. I then began my journey of becoming of service to others through my love of bodywork.

I absolutely find my joy in making a difference for others, to be able to give someone shelter from the storm and allow them to feel they are heard and that they matter. When someone walks out of a session and their range of motion has increased, when the migraine they have had for a week is gone, when they can stand taller without pain, when they walk out with a peace they had not experienced in a very long time…that is what fuels my passion about what I do.

I encourage you to take a stand for yourself and commit to living a healthier life, to find emotional and physical balance, to give yourself permission to surrender, and start moving your body so you can stay fluid. Massage is a perfect antidote to help you accomplish this goal. Take action today and schedule a session.
Your mind and body will be greatly rewarded!

Debi has a successful practice in Sacramento, California since 1996. Combining over 30 years of customer service skills along with 1000 plus hours of education, Debi has trained with many top leaders in the industry including Eric Dalton, James Waslaski, and Master Lek Chaiya.

By continuously investing in her knowledge and skills, she is able to provide a treatment best suited for a variety of conditions She is dedicated to improving the quality of life for her clients and empowering them to achieve greater levels of wellness in a compassionate way. You can enjoy a serene indoor session or an outdoor session in a private lush environment. Indulge in a luxurious Jacuzzi soak prior to your session or enjoy the intimate outdoor garden shower. Come and experience the difference.

Call Debi today to schedule your appointment (916) 484-7565.