Couples Massage

When was the last time you and your significant other or dear friend spent quality time together, without sensory overload with telephones ringing, the television glaring and others tugging at your attention? At Heartfelt Hands, Debi has created the perfect experience for you to share special time together. Begin your session with time spent together in the Jacuzzi in the private garden area, sipping on a beverage, exchanging conversation and being present with one another.

If given enough notice, arrangements can be made to provide another therapist on the premises so you can enjoy your session at the same time. If weather permits, you can enjoy a side by side massage outdoors. If for some reason,  two therapists aren’t available, you can enjoy your own private relaxation time.

While one of you receives your custom designed treatment, the other can enjoy the spa, relax and read  in the Zen room, which is also perfect for meditation, or take in some sunshine outside in the private courtyard garden. Feel free to take a nap in the tranquil atmosphere, or go for a walk in the quiet surrounding neighborhood. It’s the perfect time to unplug and let your body feel grounded and rejuvenated again.

This is a great opportunity to share massage with someone who never experienced one, as it gives them comfort knowing you are nearby. Schedule your special date today, you will be grateful you did!