Debi is wonderful! She has helped me start my journey of healing. Before I started with her I was in chronic pain; instead of managing pain I am taking care of my body with Debi's help. Her therapy room is warm, comfortable and relaxing. She brings years of knowledge and many different techniques to do what your body needs.

Megan K   

I had to bear the pain of a pulled hamstring in my left leg. After a week of limping and moaning I contacted Debi at Heartfelt Hands and scheduled an appointment. I was very surprised of the atmosphere when I arrived for my appointment. She had very nice and calming music playing and she was very cordial and professional in greeting me. After just one session I left feeling much better and walked out without a limp. I knew that after walking and working the rest of the day that the pain would come back. I scheduled two more appointments with Debi and I must say that after what I call our therapeutic treatment I was feeling great and the pain did not come back. If you are experiencing any kind of discomfort including stress I highly recommend Heartfelt Hands Massage. I will be going back.

Dan M   

Many times, you will find people in this industry who will try to get you in and out as quickly as possible but Debi takes the time to ensure you're comfortable. Another plus is the atmosphere! She will give you a tour of her lounge which is by far the best I have ever seen. No distractions whatsoever, so you're completely at peace! I wanted to fall asleep just being on the table! I highly recommend Debi!

Kristina L   

My boyfriend paid for a 90 min session for me as a gift for Xmas ! Let me tell you, that was one of the best gifts he has ever given me, an opportunity to experience Debi's healing hands. Her massages are very therapeutic and the whole room ambiance was designed to make you feel super relaxed! . Debi is a very sweet person, very professional and very knowledgeable with her line of practice as she is always constantly training for other techniques. I recommend the 90 min massage! Go big or go home!! I swear you will get the whole nine yards!

Derlie R   

I have had many injuries and many massages. I asked Debi to be intuitive with my massage as everything generally hurts. She gave a wonderful massage and I will definitely sign up for another. Very heartfelt, very professional, very healing! I would recommend her for anyone wanting a great massage. As a side note, I found Debi via a gift certificate that a good friend gave me for my 50th birthday. Best gift ever! At some point I will pay this gift forward as it could not have been better timed and more appreciated. HIGHLY RECOMMEND

Scott H   

You only have to experience one massage from Debi to absolutely know for positive that she gives the BEST massage in Sacramento!!

Ruth H   

As a chiropractor, I trust that when I refer patients to Debi, they will be taken care of

Dr. Jesse Saenz   

Debi is so thoughtful and really takes the time to learn about her clients. I loved soaking in the hot tub and then having a hot stone massage, I felt so relaxed when I walked out!

Rebecca D   

Intimate personal professional service...that's what keeps me coming back
You must try & experience the difference!

Jeannie B   

We've been going to see Debi for years now and it is ALWAYS a treat! A wonderful atmosphere, peaceful, clean, and relaxing. She makes you feel like you're all that matters!

Laurie H   

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